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New Year, New You (Financially Speaking!)

Welcome to the Financially Independent Woman blog. My name’s Ramat Oyetunji and I’m the author of Fifty Shades of Green: A Stock Market Guide for the Financially Independent-minded Woman.

The purpose of this weekly blog is to talk about all things stock market related. Investing in the stock market is a must for all women who want to achieve some measure of financial freedom.

Speaking of financial freedom, Clare Boothe Luce, a former American Ambassador once said that “A woman’s best protection, is a little money of her own.” I couldn’t agree more! My passion and goal is to encourage more women to invest in the stock market and at the very least, I want to improve women’s stock market and investment knowledge.

I’ll leave you with this thought: stocks ended 2014 for the third year in a row with 10+% gains. Did your investments do better or worse?

Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2015, and I hope you join me for the ride.


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