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About The FI Woman

Headshot of Ramat Oyetunji, Owner of The FI Woman, LLC

Ramat Oyetunji
Founder & CEO, The FI Woman
Certified Personal Finance Counselor

The FI Woman Launch

The FI Woman was launched in 2015 as a Registered Investment Advisory firm with the initial mission to teach women to invest in the stock market. Since then, my mission has evolved to providing more holistic financial coaching and guidance to help individuals navigate their finances, elevate their financial literacy, and learn strategies that support financial independence.

How the FI Woman Helps

The FI Woman uses a tailored coaching approach that results in realistic solutions and recommendations that fit you and your financial situation.

My signature offering, the Personalized Financial Roadmap, is based on years of experience, expertise, and proven success. I work collaboratively with clients to develop actionable steps, measurable milestones, and a clear path to achieving their financial goals and priorities. I also enhance clients' success by being an accountability partner.

A Personal Touch

A layoff experience from my first job after graduating college left a deep impression on me about the importance of financial independence. The experience is the driver behind my "FI" focus and it was the catalyst for achieving my early retirement goal in 2021, a year ahead of schedule. Developing my Personalized Financial Roadmap in 2011 played a critical role in achieving this milestone.


What You Can Expect
If you choose to work with me, you can be confident in my guidance and recommendations. I leverage 20+ years of personal finance experience, and expertise gained in previous roles as a licensed financial advisor and registered investment advisor, to give you a professional yet relatable coaching experience. 

A Trusted Partner

The FI Woman LLC is an independent, fee-based financial services business and never earns a commission or promotes affiliated products. I pride myself on running a transparent business and being a partner clients can trust.

FI Woman Story
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