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How it began


I never expected that getting laid off after 9/11 would drastically change my views on money or that it would lead me to Financial Independence. It did. In a big way!

At the time all I felt was worry and financial stress. It was a difficult time, but I am thankful for the experience because I learned valuable lessons about myself, about money, and about becoming Financially Independent.

I started focusing on paying down debt, saving in HYSAs (High Yield Savings Accounts) and I learned about growing my money by investing it.

My experience sparked my desire to help others with their finances, and to provide unbiased financial advice. It led me to launch  The FI Woman in 2015 and publish my stock market guide Fifty Shades of Green 

Through The FI Woman I aim to give you peace of mind and confidence about your finances.

Your FI Journey Is Unique But You Are Not Alone.

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Take Advantage of a Complimentary Session

Everyone needs some help getting started or figuring out the next step in their Financial Independence journey. Sometimes all it takes is a little guidance to get you on the right path.

3 Ways a Complimentary Planning Session Will Benefit You

Answers your most pressing personal finance questions.

Uncovers any gaps or opportunities in your current plan.

Provides you with tools to take your plan to the next level.

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