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Get a Personalized Financial Roadmap

Reveal the path to achieving your financial goals, gain clarity on "how" and increase your likelihood of success.

Why a Personalized Financial Roadmap is the "secret" to achieving your financial goals
  • Expert guidance tailored to fit your financial situation.

  • Actions are prioritized into short and long-term actions, with milestones to track and celebrate your progress.

  • Solutions and recommendations are realistic and based on what you "can" do not what you "should" do.

  • The likelihood of achieving your goals increases by 42%* because you have a written plan and an accountability partner.

*Source: A widely published study by Dr Gail Matthews, Dominican University of California

A Partner You Can Trust

Since 2015, The FI Woman has operated as an independent, fee-based financial services business and never earns commissions or promotes affiliated products. I am proud to operate a business with complete transparency and without hidden fees or conflicts of interest. You can trust that any guidance or coaching you receive is based solely on my professional expertise and is tailored to align with your unique goals and priorities. 

Ramat Oyetunji, CPFC

Founder, The FI Woman LLC

Partner You Can Trust
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I am debt-free in less than a year, and I could not have gotten there without Ramat!
On my birthday last year, I realized it was time to put my finances in order. I knew I could not start this journey alone, so I set up a complimentary session. Ramat put me at ease right away. I learned so much about my current financial health, and I got essential tools to help me reach my financial goals. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her in 2022.

Mary Lou

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