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Did You Know?

Interesting Stats About
Financial Wellness in the Workplace


The number of employees who spend 3+ hours a week, during working hours, dealing with financial worries.


The number of employees who are more likely to feel committed to employers when financial wellness benefits beyond a retirement plan are provided.


In 2022, the number of employers who offered financial wellness benefits beyond a 401k plan.

Source: PwC 2022 survey, CNBC article

Benefits of Financial Wellness in the Workplace to Employers


Because employees value wellness benefits that address their top 3 concerns (finances, job stability, and health), providing a financial wellness program will ensure employees appreciate and value your business as a desirable place to work.


By providing employees with financial wellness benefits, you help them reduce financial stress and improve their financial stability, which contribute to a more productive and engaged workforce.


Investing in a financial wellness program is an investment in your employees' well-being and your company's success. Your company will reap the rewards of a financial wellness program for years to come.

Benefits of The FI Woman
Financial Wellness Program


Choose what works best for your business and employees.

The FI Woman offers interactive workshops, lunch and learns, and webinars that engage employees and arm them with tools and strategies to address financial concerns.

The FI Woman also offers educational posters and personal finance books as additional tools for engagement.


The FI Woman financial wellness program is  highly engaging and effective because it blends expert knowledge with personal experience, giving employees a relatable and practical experience.

The program also touches on the emotions, mindsets and habits of managing ones finances.


The FI Woman financial wellness program easily fits your budget. There are options available to fit most small to mid-size company budgets, while still providing the value that employees will appreciate and find beneficial.

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