Fifty Shades of Green Reviews

Real words from people who have read the book!
  • What a fun way to explain the stock market! I was impressed with the simple and relatable analogies of "shopping at the mall" to help explain investing in securities. This quick read was just right for introducing investment terms, the relationship between investors and brokers and some tried and true strategies for accumulating wealth with moderate lifestyle changes...perfect for new investors! I especially liked the quotes from notable women at the beginning of each section. I also appreciate the encouraging tone of the author to help new investors have the confidence to take action!
    Shawn WrightFinancial Advisor, Investment Concepts/Raymond James
  • I love the simplicity of this book; it is a fun and easy read. Ramat successfully accomplished a great base to the value of the stock market using modern identifiable ways. This book is truly an excellent fundamental guide to help beginners understand the various venues for investment.
  • This was such a great read! I initially had doubts about reading an "entry level" book on investing because I'm in my late 30s and have been investing, albeit passively for several years. In reality, this book was a concise reminder about some of the things I know to do but haven't necessarily practiced, plus several new lessons I didn't already know. The shopping mall analogies hit home for me, in a way that made the concepts easier to grasp and implement. I found myself wishing someone had explained things so simply when I first started out. I recommend this book for anyone, male or female, who needs to build confidence in managing their money, and for anyone looking for a quick refresher as they evaluate where their money is and what more they could be doing. Love the clever title too!
  • I love Ramat Oyetunji's take on "financial fantasies" - making the study of investing more fun than I expected, and the expectation of living a life of abundance more realistic. She takes the fear out of investing, explaining the stock and bond markets in terms everyone can understand and with suggestions you can put to use immediately, whether you've just started your first job and have your first paycheck in hand, or are a career woman who has neglected to save for the future. And Ramat offers investing tips at the end of the book that you don't want to miss! In this time of almost zero interest rates in savings accounts, we all need to know how to grow our money and beat inflation without fearing we will risk it all. I now feel empowered to open an on-line brokerage account and confidently invest in the stock market, other than just in my company's IRA.
    Becca ChopraAuthor of Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life